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Organizational chart

This unit ensures that our organization’s systems, networks, data and applications all connect and function properly. This includes configuring and updating software applications, employee devices, servers, databases, and other IT infrastructure.

The Major Crimes Unit handles a large portion of the Circuit Court felony cases including murder, major theft, robbery, arson, burglary, wiretapping investigations, large drug operations, economic crimes, vehicular manslaughter, first-degree assault and firearms crimes.

The General Crimes Unit is responsible for matters that originate in District Court when a jury trial demand is elected. Attorneys in this unit are also responsible for the prosecution of felony cases such as burglary and handgun offenses.

The District Court Unit manages the majority of the office’s caseload and is responsible for prosecuting misdemeanors criminal offenses including assault, destruction of property, violation of peace orders, theft and drug possession. This unit also prosecutes traffic offenses such as drunk driving, fleeing and eluding and driving while suspended.

Our Victim/Witness Unit consists of a team of skilled advocates who have experience in guiding victims/witnesses throughout the criminal justice process. Our advocates help those affected by crime by making them aware of their rights and resources available to them. Other services include: court accompaniment, agency referrals and case status updates.

The Juvenile Court Unit handles delinquency cases involving youth under the age of 18 who are charged with committing a criminal act. Our office works with the court, victims’ families and the Department of Juvenile Services to hold juveniles accountable for their actions, while also providing rehabilitative resources to prevent future criminal acts.

The Investigative Unit is comprised of former law enforcement agents who investigate and collect and present evidence to support the State’s Attorney’s Office.

The Body-Worn Camera Unit obtains, reviews, and processes the footage of officers’ body-worn cameras for use in prosecuting cases.

The Special Victims Unit handles sensitive cases that typically involve sexual assault and/or sexual abuse, child abuse, crimes against vulnerable adults, human trafficking, domestic violence and animal abuse.