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The following information is for Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Witnesses and Victims do not need to appear if they were summoned for the following case(s):

St v Michael Adams                                C-13-CR-19-000055

St v Roy Daniels                                       C-13-CR-19-000623

St v Isaiah Green                                     C-13-CR-19-000703

St v Amandis Hnarakis                         C-13-CR-19-000802

St v David Moore                                     C-13-CR-19-000745

St v Gregory Schmidt                             C-13-CR-20-000013

St v Christopher Stanfield                   C-13-CR-19-000744

St v Jairo Suarez-Miranda                  C-13-CR-19-000751

St v Jerome Williams                            C-13-CR-19-000655


The following cases are on Stand-by.  Please call 410-313-3153 between 8:30 and 9:00 am to confirm the status of your case. You do not need to report to court at 8:30, but you must make yourself available to respond to the Circuit Court for Howard County within 30 minutes of being called to do so.

St v Somiyah Waleh                               C-13-CR-19-000425


In the following cases, necessary witnesses have been personally notified, all others are excused.

St v Mokoletoluwa Adebambo           C-13-CR-19-000838

St v Michael Benko                                 C-13-CR-19-000539


In all other cases not listed here, all witnesses are needed and must report to the assigned courtroom by 8:30 am. The address for the Circuit Court for Howard County is 8360 Court Avenue, Ellicott City, Maryland 21043. 


If you need accommodation with regard to parking, or parking lot and Courthouse accessibility, please call 410-313-3153 in advance of your scheduled court appearance.    

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