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The Undergraduate Internship Program is designed to give students exposure to the prosecutor’s role in the criminal justice system. At the Howard County State’s Attorney’s office, interns are an integral part of our workforce. Students gain exposure to criminal case prosecution by being given meaningful work and a chance to leave their mark.

The internship program also affords students the opportunity to get “real world” experience in their area of study, possibly for college credit. The program is intended to provide knowledge, skills, and experiences that an intern can apply to future challenges and long-term professional pursuits, while also giving back to the community.

Students are required to give the office a minimum number of hours per week during the spring, summer and fall semesters. If a student is performing the internship for academic credit, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate the institutional requirements to our office.  Please note: All undergraduate internship positions are on a voluntary basis and therefore are unpaid positions. Please be advised–as of 5/9/23, we are no longer accepting applications for our summer internship program.

Please email cover letter containing college/university information and resume to the following address: