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Howard County State’s Attorney Rich Gibson is an advocate for fair and just laws. As such, he uses his voice and prosecutorial experience to weigh in on important issues affecting all Marylanders. Over the next four years, Gibson plans to address members of the Maryland General Assembly to encourage them to change state laws as it relates to restoring trust in the criminal justice system, holding violent offenders accountable and enhancing the services for victims of crime. Here are two of the many legislative issues from the 2019 session:

Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits – Analysis (HB1096/SB767)

Red blood in test tube on test resultsRequires that a sexual assault evidence collection kit be submitted to a forensic laboratory for analysis and inform a victim who wishes to remain anonymous and not file a criminal complaint that they may initiate a criminal complaint at a future time.

Grace’s Law 2.0 – Electronic Harassment and Bullying (SB103/HB181)

Electronic Harassment and BullyingProhibits a person from maliciously engaging in electronic communications, which can intimidate, harass or cause serious physical or emotional distress to a minor.