Howard County State’s Attorney Rich Gibson is an advocate for fair and just laws. As such, he uses his voice and prosecutorial experience to weigh in on important issues affecting all Marylanders. Over the next four years, Gibson plans to address members of the Maryland General Assembly to encourage them to change state laws as it relates to restoring trust in the criminal justice system, holding violent offenders accountable and enhancing the services for victims of crime. Here are some of the legislative bills our office has testified on behalf of:

Criminal Law-Felony Murder-Limitation & Review of Convictions for Children (HB 1338)

HB 1338 Panel Shot

Altering provisions of law relating to murder in the first degree; providing that a person who was a child at the time of the offense may not be found to have committed murder in the first degree under certain provisions of law; authorizing certain persons to file a motion for review of conviction under certain circumstances; requiring a court to hold a certain hearing on the filing of a motion for review of conviction; authorizing the court to take certain actions under certain circumstances; etc.   OPPOSE

Public Safety-Rifles and Shotguns-Secondary Transactions (HB 4/SB 208)

HB 1338 Panel Shot

Providing that a person who is not a certain licensee may not complete the transfer of a certain rifle or shotgun as transferor or transferee, except under certain circumstances; requiring, before a certain transfer is conducted, the transferor and transferee to both request that the licensee facilitate the transfer; authorizing a transferor to deliver the rifle or shotgun to a licensee, or without appearing in person before the licensee, to allow another person, authorized by the transferor, to deliver the rifle or shotgun; etc.   SUPPORT

Public Safety-Firearm Telematics-Study (HB 35)  


Defining “firearm telematics” as an electronic sensor or equipment installed on a firearm for purposes of tracking the location of the firearm if it becomes lost or stolen; requiring the Department of State Police to study and make recommendations about firearm telematics; requiring the Department to take certain actions in conducting the study and making recommendations; and requiring the Department to report its findings and recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly on or before July 1, 2021.    SUPPORT

Public Schools-Special Ed Classrooms-Use of Video Recording Devices (HB 1292/SB 1019)

Camera in Classroom

Requiring each county board of education, beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, to install at least one video recording device in each special education classroom; requiring video recording devices to record special education classrooms and exclusion areas during school hours and during any time that the classroom or exclusion area is in use; prohibiting the use of a video recording device in bathrooms or in areas that students use to change clothing; etc.  SUPPORT