Howard County State’s Attorney Rich Gibson is an advocate for fair and just laws. As such, he uses his voice and prosecutorial experience to weigh in on important issues affecting all Marylanders. As President of the Maryland State’s Attorneys’ Association, Gibson plans to address members of the Maryland General Assembly to encourage them to change state laws as it relates to restoring trust in the criminal justice system, holding violent offenders accountable and enhancing the services for victims of crime. Here are some of the legislative bills our office has testified on behalf of in 2021:

State’s Attorney’s Office/Collection and Publication of Prosecutorial Information (SB456)

Prosecutor Photo

Requiring each Office of the State’s Attorney to collect and disclose certain information relating to prosecutions and office policies to the the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services; requiring the Office to determine the manner in which the State’s Attorneys transmit and publish certain information; requiring the Office to publish online certain information in a certain manner; etc.   OPPOSE/Withdrawn by Sponsor

Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021/Search Warrants (SB 0419)

Altering a provision of law authorizing an application for a search warrant to contain a request authorizing the executing law enforcement officer to enter a building, apartment, premises, place, or thing to be searched without giving notice of the officer’s authority or purpose and to require that the application contain known information about the presence of minors, vulnerable adults, and individuals with disabilities who may be present during the execution of the warrant; establishing certain reporting requirements; etc.   OPPOSE/Referral to Committee

Criminal Procedure-Police Officers- Stop Procedures “Know Your Rights Act” (SB 0589)  

Requiring a police officer to display proper identification and provide certain information to certain individuals at the commencement of a certain stop, with a certain exception; requiring a police officer to inform certain passengers and occupants of a certain vehicle of the right to refuse to provide identification to the police officer at a certain time; prohibiting a police officer from seizing certain items without a warrant or using certain tactics or deliberately misrepresenting facts for a certain purpose; etc.   OPPOSE/Referral to Committee

MD Police Accountability Act of 2021-Body-Worn Cameras & Use of Force (SB 0071)

Police Lights

Requiring certain law enforcement agencies to require the use of body-worn cameras by July 1, 2023, for each law enforcement officer that regularly interacts with the public; requiring a certain body-worn camera to automatically record and save at least 60 seconds of video footage immediately prior to the officer activating the record button; requiring each law enforcement agency to establish a certain system to identify police officers who are at risk of using excessive force and to provide appropriate responses to reduce the risks; etc.  OPPOSE/Amendments added